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Second Class - Ms. Carolan/Mr. Flanagan


​Work to be Completed During School Closure

30th March-3rd April

Hi Everyone,


I hope you and the girls are all keeping well and safe during this difficult time. Please find the work for the girls below. There are plenty of useful links on the activities to do during school closure page of the website that would suit the girls in second class- Activities 



Girls are to learn how to spell 3 words each day. One exercise a day. Test children on Friday. Pick two bonus words to ask children at end of test.


My Read at Home

One story a day. Questions 1-5. 



Continue with handwriting. One letter a day. Practice each letter before completing it in book.



Keep a journal and write in it daily.  


Oral Language:

Play Simon Says or Deir Ó Grádaigh (Simon says in Irish), Talk about a film/programme you saw together, Have a debate, Explain why you would recommend a book/film/piece of music, Play games like Headbanz, guess who, charades, categories, pictionary etc, Tell stories, collaborate on a story, Mystery character. Find some objects in the house and create a character based on them., Do any of the above As Gaeilge!


Maths Challenge 

  • One page a day. Questions 1-10. 


Maths activities

  • Revise addition tables up to 12+

  • Revise subtraction tables up to 7-

  • Learn 8-

  • Continue counting forwards/ backwards in 10s, 5s, 2s (0-200)

  • Count forwards/ backwards in 3s to 48

  • Count forwards in 6s to 72

  • Fractions: Fold a piece of paper into two equal parts (halves), four equal parts (quarters)

  • Divide sets of objects (4-24) into halves and quarters.

  • Play maths splat with family. 

  • Group objects in 'tens' and 'units'- lollipop sticks are good for this activity.

  • Practise your 'Lazy Maths' - doubles, near doubles, the story of 10, 10+...

  • Practise your skip counting in 2s (starting with odd and even numbers) 5s and 10s..

  • Look out for 2D and 3D shapes all around you.



  • Read minimum 5 pages a night. Move on to second book if finish first book.

  • Please encourage girls to read as much as possible while off school.


Free Writing

  • Get the girls to write a letter to a member of their family or a friend they're not able to see at the minute. Ask that person they are writing to, to become their pen-pal. This will be a great way to improve their writing skills while also having fun and keeping in touch with people. Also they must ask 2 questions to their pen-pal in each letter such as:

-What is your favourite tv show?

-What are your favourite games to play?



  • Continue with project work. You can pick a topic and continue to research and write.




New Dance

  • Learn a new dance. 


Active Work 

  • Complete 3 times a day. 50 Jumping Jacks, 50 High Knees, jog on spot for 30 seconds, sprint on spot for 30 seconds, 50 squats, 50 lunges.  (Get Mammy and Daddy involved) 



  • Draw a portrait of a member of your family, Draw the view from one of your windows. Design a new mode of transport, Design a new home, Make a poster for a film you love. 



  • Continue with prayers. To practice you can write them out.


That is everything for now. The work set here is only a suggestion/guide to assist you during this time. We do not want to put anyone under pressure. Please keep safe and hopefully we will all be back together soon!


Slán, Mr Flanagan. 


Useful websites :











Useful Information

  • P.E. days are Tuesdays and Fridays. The children should wear their tracksuits on these days. 

  • Irish dancing takes place every Thursday. The children should leave their dancing shoes (plimsolls) in school if possible, to ensure they are not forgotten. Please label shoes clearly.