Junior Infants - Ms. McGee


Work to be Completed During School Closure

25th - 28th May

Quick Message

Hello Girls,

We hope this email finds you well. Please find below the work for this week.


Again this week, we are only allocating two books. Each book needs to be read for two nights. On the second night you will find the book in "My Library" on your child's "Active Learn Primary" page. 


Continue working on the new sight word "has" and revising all other other sight words.

We would also like to wish Ifra (5years) and Darcie (6 years) a very Happy Birthday! We hope you both enjoy your up coming special days! Hip Hip Hurray! :0)


As always we wish you the best. Take care and stay safe.

Kind Regards,

Olive McGee & Una O'Riordan


* Read "Top Cat" available on your child's active learn primary page you set up before the holidays.

* Revise and learn the following sight words; No / no/ Go / go/ Is/ is/ the /The/

* Revise and learn the following letter sounds; c/ e / u / r

* Maths - Choose an app or website and work through the concepts for your child's age i.e. either Kindergarten, Reception Key Stage 1 or Infants

www.topmarks.co.uk  ( Good for Money & Time games)




See below in “Supplementary Learning Resources” for how to begin to develop your child’s knowledge and understanding of the concept of “Time - The clock”


* Read as above in Monday, "Top Cat"

* Revise and learn the following sight words; in / In / A / a / It /it / up/ not/ to

* Revise and learn the following letter sounds; c / e/ u/ r

* Maths - As directed above for "Monday"


* See the school's "Wellness Wednesday" webpage for activity which can be found on the school website

Here is a story for you to listen to this week. I hope you enjoy it:)


* Read "In the garden"

* Revise and learn the following sight words;  Can / The / the / In

* Revise and learn the following letter sounds; h / ss/ b  

* Maths - As directed above for "Monday"


* Read as above for Thursday, "In the garden"

* Revise and learn the following sight words; Can / the / The / In

* Revise and learn the following letter sounds; h / ss / b

* Maths - As directed above for "Monday"

Supplementary learning Resources

* Jolly Songs can be found on YouTube.

* Apps like “Teach your Monster to read”, Nessy’s “Hairy Letters”, Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds, Phonics Play, Phonics Bloom and Teach Handwriting might help with this work.

* In addition, listening to “Geraldine Giraffe” on YouTube related to the letter sounds you are working on might help.

* To begin to develop the children’s knowledge & understanding of the concept of “Time - The Clock” you might like to watch the following YouTube video


BBC Schools: Numbertime: Time - O'Clock



Please click the button below to access the Active Learn Primary site.







General Guidance Notes

* Use checklists as a guide to what your child should know, i.e. letter name, letter sound(s), song, words that start with that letter sound, how to form the letter correctly and sight words.

* Take breaks when needed and please do what you can. We are only setting formal work in the three R's i.e. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

* If you do wish to keep up your child's ear for Irish if possible use a few simple phrases , words on a daily basis and if you like you could have your child listen to Irish stories read on the youtube website "Glór na nGael"

* After that have your child do perhaps some colouring, art, listening to music, stories, playing with play dough, lego, jigsaws, or outdoors in the garden etc

* Please do not overly stress, we do not wish to put any additional undue pressure on you

Thank you and Take Care

Useful Information

  • P.E. days are Tuesdays and Fridays. The children should wear their tracksuits on these days.