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Fifth Class - Ms. Barrett


Work to be Completed During School Closure

30th March-3rd April

Hi Fifth Class!

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I am adding some updates to your work. It will largely stay the same from week to week, with some differences in the written tasks. Please don't worry if you don't complete everything. This is a guide that may give you some structure. Each family is different and you may get more or less done than your friends. The most important thing is to stay safe and well. 

  • Spellbound: Week 26. Look up the words using your dictionary and continue with spellings + activities.

  • Fuaimeanna + Focail: Week 27- Look up the words using your dictionary and continue with spellings + activities.

  • SNIPS - Revise your spellings from previous weeks and choose 8 different spellings to put into sentences. Snips is only for students who do not use Spellbound)

  • Mental Maths: Week 27 + problem solving and Friday review

  • Tables Champion: Follow onto the next week. 

  • Leigh sa Bhaile: (p99-103) Complete questions and answers in copy. 

  • Read at Home: (p95-99) Complete questions and answers in copy.

  • Project: Finish off your project on ‘The Great Irish Famine’

  • Presentation: Present the project to your family. I am looking forward to reading your project and hearing you presentation to the class once we return to school.


 Novel Work:  Under The Hawthorn Tree

  • Choose your favourite character and write a diary entry from any particular day.

  • Finish reading the book over the week.

  • Book Report – Write a book report using the following headings:

  1. Author

  2. Illustration

  3. Main characters and setting

  4. Summary of the story- (Main events of the story)

  5. Conclusion-What effects did the book have on you? Did you enjoy the book, why/ why not?

  6. Favourite part – Write about your favourite part and draw a picture.


If you have time this is optional...

  • As a journalist with ‘News Today’, you are dispatched to a scene location to report on an event from the story. Write a headline for your front page report, include a brief introduction, Answer the five W’s- Who/ What/ Where/ When and Why

  • Include a quotation and a suitable illustration for the article.

  • * (Use the layout for a Newspaper and include the name of the paper and the headline in bold writing.)


Optional extra suggestions:


Looking forward to seeing all your work when we are back in school.

Stay safe and try to enjoy yourself during the Easter holidays.


Wishing you all well,

Ms. Barrett 

Useful Information

  • P.E. days are on Tuesdays. The children should wear their tracksuits on this day. 

  • Irish dancing takes place every Thursday. The children should leave their dancing shoes (plimsolls) in school if possible, to ensure they are not forgotten. Please label shoes clearly.

  • Recorder takes place every Wednesday. The children should ensure they have their recorders and books packed every day as they will need to practise with their class teacher also.