Fifth Class - Mr. Desmond

Welcome back!

Tuesday 12th of January

  • Spellbound pg 35 ex 4 5 and 6. Look over spellings you found tricky from Week 11 and 12.

  • Pick 5 words from week 11 and 12 and put them in 5 separate sentences.


  • Fuaimeanna agus focail pg 50 EX C and D and learn box 2






  • LSB PG 63 Do questions and answers.


  • We are moving onto a new chapter in Irish Sa bhaile –At home

I would like you to take down these words in a copy- draw a picture and write the irish and English translation and learn them


Teach scoite- Detatched house

Teach leathscoite-semi -detached house

Teach sraithe-Terraced house


Teach dhá stór-Two storey house

  • Mental Maths Tuesday.

  • Tables champion Monday. If you do not have your tables champion just go onto press play game choose your level  and what tables you want to test yourself with. Let me know how you get on.


  • Read the story of the adventures of Tom Sawyers in your Up and running pg 138