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Fourth Class - Mr. Desmond


Work to be Completed During School Closure​

I would like you to do the following from home this week (30th March -3rd April)

Recorder: Keep revising notes and pieces

Tables Champion: Week 26

Play ‘Hit the Button’ and ‘The Daily 10’ on Topmarks website.


(Use this website to practise long multiplication: 2 digits x 2 digits

Brain Teasers: Tests 76,77,78,79,80

Fuaimeanna + Focail: Week 26

Scriobh sa Dialann (Irish diary/ or in another copy/ sheet)

Ceisteanna sa Ghaeilge: Practise asking and answering these questions.

Ceard is ainm duit? ____ is ainm dom.

Cen aois thu? Ta me _____

Cen dath ata ar do chuid gruaige/ suile? Ta gruaig ____ orm. Ta suile _____ agam.

Ceard is ainm do do chara? _____ is ainm do mo chara.

Ca bhfuil tu i do chonai? Ta me i mo chonai ________

An bhfuil aon deathair no deirfiur agat? Ta ________ agam. 

Cad iad na spoirt a dheanann tu ar scoil? Deanaim _________

Cad is ainm don scoil? Scoil Cholmcille is ainm ....

Cen rang in a bhfuil tu? Ta me i rang a _______

Cen t-abhar scoile is fearr leat? Is fearr liom _______

Spellbound: Week 26

The Novel: Finish reading the novel, then attempt the following questions.

-What has been your initial reaction to the book? (First thoughts)

  How did it make you feel?

  Did it hook you immediately or did it take some time? Explain your answer.

-What has been your favourite quote or passage?

-Which character do you like the most? Explain.

  (Describe character traits which has drawn you to him or her? Has she done    anything brave, is she kind etc?

-Imagine you met this character, what questions would you like to ask him/her?

-Which character do you like the least? Explain.

(Describe character traits which does not   appeal you? Is he/she a bully? Is He/she selfish?)

-Imagine you met the author; think of three questions you would ask her.

-Does the book cover suit the story? Why/why not?

-Design an alternative book cover for this novel. (Think of what characters you would put on the cover, what colours you would use, what style of font would you use when designing this cover?

-Does this story remind you of any story you have read or is it unique? 


Project: Japan (Start gathering information to put into your scrapbook)

-Geography: What continent is it part of? What are the main islands that make up Japan? What is the land like - flat/ mountainous? Does Japan have volcanoes? Does it experience earthquakes? What is the capital city? Please include a map of Japan with main cities, islands, seas… Please include the country’s flag.

-Food: What is the main crop grown in Japan? What does the Japanese diet consist of? Is it a healthy/ unhealthy diet? Do they use knives and forks when eating?


You can get onto the CJ Fallon website for free to get access to your It's a Small World Geography. It may help you when doing your project. 

Do your best with the above work. Do not get stressed if you get stuck on something or cannot get something finished. We will go through all the work when we are back at school. 

For now, take care and be helpful to your families. 

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Mr. Desmond

Please check the homepage for links to other activities and websites. 

Useful Information

  • P.E. days are on Mondays. The children should wear their tracksuits on this day. 

  • Irish dancing takes place every Thursday. The children should leave their dancing shoes (plimsolls) in school if possible, to ensure they are not forgotten. Please label shoes clearly.

  • Recorder takes place every Wednesday. The children should ensure they have their recorders and books packed every day as they will need to practice with their class teacher also.