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Fourth Class - Ms. Gildea


Work to be Completed During School Closure​

Greetings Fourth Class!

I would like you to do the following from home this week (30th March -3rd April)

Recorder: Keep revising notes and pieces

Tables Champion: Week 26

Play ‘Hit the Button’ and ‘The Daily 10’ on Topmarks website.


(Use this website to practise long multiplication: 2 digits x 2 digits

Brain Teasers: Tests 76,77,78,79,80

Fuaimeanna + Focail: Week 26

Beal Beo: p89, 90, 91 + 94 (This book is free to access online with Edco)

Scriobh sa Dialann

30 Ceisteanna sa Ghaeilge

Spellbound: Week 26 / Snip: Continue with spellings + activities (Snip is only for students who do not use Spellbound)

Poem: On the Ning Nang Nong! (learn)

The Novel: The Wreck of Zanzibar (Please do your work on your A4/ refill pad)

-Read Laura’s diary entries from October 25th to December 9th. Life on Bryher continues to get worse and the family decides to leave, but storms prevent them from going. Continue the timeline showing the events that lead to a happy ending, thus enabling the family to stay on the island.

November 30th- The decision is made

December 6th- ?

December 8th- ?

December 9th – The Wreck of the Zanzibar

-Read up to the end of December 24th. Laura’s hopes are fulfilled. How were they fulfilled?


-Read Laura’s diary entry for December 25th and the end piece called ‘Marzipan’. Now we know all about Zanzibar. Is Zanzibar what you expected it to be when you read the beginning of the book? Are you surprised? Draw a picture of Zanzibar and colour it, using Laura’s description to help you.


-Granny May is convinced there is a link between the turtle that Laura rescued and Zanzibar. Why does Granny May think this? What does Laura think? What do you think?


-Nautical terms: In this book the writer uses many special words for boats and things related to the sea. Some examples are: ‘gig’ and ‘four-mastered ship’. Look through the book and make a list of these special words. Try find 10. Note down their meaning and the page number on which you find them.

Project: Japan (Start gathering information to put into your scrap book)

Last week you put in information on Geography and Food. This week…

  • Homes: What are they like? Big or small? Many rooms? What is their furniture like?

  • School: What is school like? What subjects do they study? How long is their day?

  • Traditional Clothes: It is only in the last 100 years that Japanese people have begun to wear clothes similar to ours. Before that they wore ‘traditional clothes’. Please write about ‘traditional clothes’ and include some nice pictures.

You can get onto the CJ Fallon website for free to get access to your It's a Small World Geography. It may help you when doing your project. 


Fourth class,

Thinking of you all and your families in these difficult and uncertain times. Do a little bit of the assigned work each day - spread it out. Don’t worry if you get stuck on something. Try your best and I will go through everything when we are back at school. In the meantime, take care and be helpful and good to your families.

Wishing you all well,

Ms. Gildea 😊


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Useful Information

  • P.E. days are on Mondays. The children should wear their tracksuits on this day. 

  • Irish dancing takes place every Thursday. The children should leave their dancing shoes (plimsolls) in school if possible, to ensure they are not forgotten. Please label shoes clearly.

  • Recorder takes place every Wednesday. The children should ensure they have their recorders and books packed every day as they will need to practise with their class teacher also.