Physical Distancing

The BoM and the School Leadership Team have been working to ensure a safe return to school for all pupils and staff on 31st August.   We are currently working on upgrading our procedures and routines within the school to ensure that there is as much Physical Distancing as is possible in our building. We will apply physical distancing in a practical and sensible way, recognising that the learning environment cannot be dominated by a potentially counterproductive focus on this issue.

Physical Distancing will be achieved in two ways: -

Increasing Separation. 

This will be achieved by re-configuring the classrooms to maximise physical distancing. Each class will be referred to as a bubble and we will ensure that there is as little contact as possible between children in different bubbles.  Within the bubbles, children from Junior Infants to 2nd class will be organised into pods.  A pod is a group of children (normally 6) who will sit together in a group and who will stay in their pod while in the bubble, or classroom. These children need to remain in the same pod until the Hallowe’en break. Children from 3rd to 6th will not sit in pods, instead  where possible they will sit a metre apart from each other.

Decreasing Interaction.

This will be achieved by decreasing the potential for children from different bubbles to interact.  There will be marked routes for various bubbles to enter and exit the school and to access their classrooms.  Bubbles will have different mid-morning and lunch-time access to the playground.  Classes will be taken to the toilets at given times so that bubbles will not mix. We will make these routines enjoyable activities for the children, emphasising safety at all times.