School Rules

  1. I try to be in time for school by having my school bag ready the night before.

  2. I wear my full school uniform every day except for PE days when I wear my track suit.

  3. I try to bring a healthy lunch and I don’t make a fuss about foods that are discouraged in our school.

  4. I do my best to complete my homework and to show it to my parents.

  5. I make sure that my name is written clearly on my books, clothes and other items such as my recorder and dancing shoes and I look after them as best I can.

  6. At lining-up time, I am quiet and orderly—in the yard, on the corridor and especially on school tours.

  7. In the classroom, I raise my hand to ask a question. I do my work honestly and as best I can.

  8. I am kind towards my classmates and towards pupils in other classes. I share if I have something spare; I include others in my games.

  9. I help in the school and behave in a responsible way when I am outside my classroom, such as going to the bathroom, to the library or to the hall.

  10. I take care of my property and of school property, and I never leave litter lying about.

  11. If I have a problem about something or somebody, I tell my teacher.

  12. I welcome others to my school and I have good manners at all times towards my teacher, the principal, other members of the school community and toward visitors.