Maths Work- Ms. A. Murphy

22nd June- 26th June

Dear Pupils and Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your cooperation, hard work and participation in Google Classroom, over the last number of months. I hope you all have a lovely summer and a well earned rest. I look forward to seeing the girls in September. Stay safe and stay well.


Kind regards,

Anne Murphy (Maths)



Revision of Addition (7+ to 12+) and Subtraction Tables (7- to 12-)


Counting forwards and backwards in odd and even numbers 0 to 500


Incidental work: 

  • Ask your child - the time during the day, always ask her to give it to you in both analogue and digital form. What time will it be in half/quarter of an hour?

  • What time was it half an hour/one hour ago?

  • Shopping: How much does a ____ and a____ cost? How much change would you get from E2.00?

Busy at Maths: 

B. a. M - A quick look back 7 p.121; A quick look back 8  p.139; A quick look back 9 p.156; A quick look back 10 p.164

Topic: Revision







Revise 7 +, 7 -; 8 +, 8 -; 



Counting forwards in odd numbers from 0 to 500 (499). (Oral work)



p. 121 A quick look back 7







Revise 9 +, 9 -; 10 +, 10 -; Counting: Counting backwards in odd numbers from 500 (499) to 0. (Oral work)


B. a. M.

p. 139 A quick look back 8




Wellness Wednesday




Revise 11 +, 11 -; Counting forwards in even numbers to 500.


B. a. M.

p. 156 A quick look back 9







Revise 12 +, 12 -; Counting backwards in even numbers from 500 to 0.


B. a. M.

p. 164 A quick look back 10

Kind regards,

Anne Murphy (Maths Teacher)