Third Class - Ms. Nolan


Work to be Completed During School Closure

22nd – 30th  June 2020


Hello 3rd Class,

I hope that you are well. Well done for all the continued hard work. Keep it up! This week I'm wishing Happy Birthday to Reyah. I hope she has a lovely celebration.


Google Classroom Assignment (due Friday 26th June):

  • Listen to the song “Ní Neart go Cur le Chéile” using the videos on Google Classroom. Have a go at singing it too.

  • Design a poster featuring the words of the song, and a picture to represent the words. Take a photo of it and upload it to the assignment.

22nd - 26th June

Monday and Tuesday



  • Just Grammar: p.37-38 (Contractions, They’re, their and there). Find Just Grammar on


  • Busy at Maths Pg. 155 Time 2-Diary: Look at Julie’s diary and answer the questions about her activities for the month of May.

  • You could make your own diary for the month of July. You could mark in the first day of our summer holidays (Wednesday July 1st), family and friends’ birthdays or other important days that are coming up during the month, and activities that you could do yourself or with your family on the other days.


  • Small World History- “Transport” pgs. 80-84. Find Small World by logging on to

  • Complete activities A and B on pg. 85.



  • Listen to and learn the song “Ní Neart go Cur le Chéile” (videos on Google Classroom)

  • Complete the Google Classroom Assignment




  • Check the Wellness Wednesday page on the website for some other great ideas.



Thursday and Friday



  • Design a mode of transport for the future. ​Anything could happen in the future, so this could be a bus that can fly, a scooter that can float on water, or a car that could travel to Cork in the time it usually takes you to get to school. Use your imagination!



Creative Writing Activity:

  • Write a story using the following story starter: The lunch box jumped up and down on the table. There was no doubt about it. Something in my lunch was alive…



  • Home Sports Challenge-

  • Get into your sports gear and set yourself 3 challenges on Thursday and 3 more on Friday. Keep a record of your achievements. There are some suggestions below, but you could also try your own ideas.



  • Run/ walk/ cycle for 1km

  • Balance a stuffed toy/book on your head and try to keep it there for as long as possible.

  • Bowling Bonanza-use items from your recycling at home to set up 10 pin bowling. Play by yourself or invite others to join in.

  • Mini Golf-set up a mini golf course at home using shoes, empty boxes, saucepans etc and play a round of golf. You could use a brush handle, a hurl or a tennis racket as the golf club and any small ball you might have. Give points for each ‘hole’.

  • Word of the Day Workout-This is one for the whole family. Choose a word for the day. It could be “okay”, “tidy”, “hungry”, etc. Let everyone in the house know what the word for the day is. If anyone in the house uses that word during the day, they have to run on the spot for 1 minute!

  • If you have outdoor space, set up an obstacle race with hurdles, a long jump, a balance beam (a piece of rope will do!), ball toss, stepping stones, etc. If you don’t have outdoor space, you’d be surprised what you can squeeze into a room. Just remember to tidy up after yourself!

Monday 29th

Virtual Sports Day

There is a link on the school website with loads of great ideas for you to try at home. There are instructions and videos for activities and games to try at home. There are 6 categories: Running, Throwing, Kicking, Landing, Traditional Sports day and Balancing, with 3 levels for each. Level 2 is ideal for 3rd Class but feel free to try any of the levels. You can also do some of your own favourite sport activities too. This is all about trying out different activities and having a lot of fun.


Tuesday 30th

The Last Day of Term!

We will have class comment chat in the morning before we finish up 3rd Class. Keep an eye on our Google Classroom to see when this is coming up.

Don't forget that there is a link on the homepage of the school website that brings you to some lovely suggestions for working and learning at home, e.g. RTÉ Home School Hub at 11am, stories available for free on Audible, writing ideas available on Literacy Shed, etc.

I hope you all stay safe and well,