Wellness Wednesday Activities

Please choose a few of these activities to do with your siblings or altogether as a family.

Wellness Wednesdays are all about doing things that bring enjoyment and happiness.


  • Joe Wick’s PE workout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday beginning 11th January 2021

  • Go Noodle

  • Cosmic Yoga

  • Skipping, cycling, dancing, going for a walks..



  • ‘Draw with Don’ YouTube channel

  • ‘Art Attack’ series on YouTube

  • Mindfulness colouring

  • Free drawing

  • Paint (with Bob Ross on Netflix / YouTube)

  • Origami

  • Sculpt with clay



  • Pull weeds

  • Water flowers

  • Plant new flowers


Skills / Talents

  • Baking

  • Knitting

  • Learn to juggle

  • Do a magic trick

  • Write a play, a poem or a story



  • Headspace for kids (app)

  • Cosmic Yoga

  • Read for pleasure

  • ‘Spark joy!’ and organise possessions (eg. toys, clothes..)



  • Board games (eg. Scrabble, Articulate, Headbands…)

  • Cards (eg. Snap, Go Fish, Solitaire…)

  • Pen and paper games (eg. X’s and O’s, Stop the bus…)

  • Music games (eg. Karaoke, Musical statues..)

  • Outdoor games (eg. Obstacle course, football..)



  • Learn to play an instrument or learn a new song

  • Listen to different genres or decades of music

  • Compose a song or piece of music

  • Strictly Come Dancing: Pick a song and prepare a dance routine

  • Do a music quiz



  • RTE’s School Hub

  • Favourite movie/ T.V programme

  • Nature programmes eg. David Attenborough’s Blue Planet