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Addendum to Code of Behaviour 

St. Columba’s N.S. 16659A

Addendum to Code of Behaviour Policy during Covid-19 

Rationale :In light of  Covid-19 , this addendum to the Code of Behaviour Policy is required so that pupils will be aware of specific procedures on their return to school. Our guiding principle when making any changes or adjustments to this policy is to be able to keep all of our pupils, families and staff safe. These adjustments will be communicated to pupils, parents and staff. 

Note to Parents/Guardians: Parents/guardians are required to observe and respect all social distancing protocols in relation to any contact with the school. This includes socially distancing from other families when dropping off or collecting their children from the school. We would kindly ask that parents/guardians would wear masks when dropping or collecting children to or from school. All communication with the school should be made initially by phone to the office. 

Behaviour Expectations Our school requires every member of the school community to observe and respect the principles of social distancing, cough and sneeze etiquette, hand washing/sanitizing  and make every effort to minimise risk to oneself and others. This requires us to modify some of our behaviours which include;

  • all children lining up in specific class areas in the morning on painted footsteps that are one metre apart 

  • playing in specific areas of the yard at break times

  • clear rules about coughing or spitting at or towards any other person 


School Routines and Procedures All members of the school community have to be mindful of the following; 

  • following staggered routines for arrival or departure 

  • only playing with children from their own class at break times i.e. staying within their bubble

  • moving around the school as per specific instructions e.g. specific toileting times/specific yard times

  • pupils from 3rd to 6th class are expected to socially distance at all times where possible.

Hygiene and Health Expectations All members of the school community are expected to 

  •  follow school instructions on hygiene, such as handwashing after using toilets (for 20 secs) and sanitising frequently during the day

  •  follow cough and sneeze etiquette and where possible to avoid touching their face 

  •  pupils must tell an adult if they are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus     

Teachers will explain these rules clearly to pupils at the start of the year and remind them periodically, while being mindful of their pupils’ wellbeing. Teachers will ensure that the rules are displayed in classrooms and that they are explained to pupils.. 

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