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Active Flag

Welcome to the Active School Flag (ASF) section of our website.  The Active School Flag is awarded to schools who strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. One of it's aims is to raise awareness, in the whole school community, of the need for physical activity in a healthy lifestyle. We are engaging in the active school process this year and hope to obtain our first Active Schools Flag. We have established our ASF team with our co-ordinator Mr Flanagan. Enjoy the photo album well you will see lots of activities. Committee members and more!

Our Active School Motto is:
Keep Active, Keep Cool, Even in St Columba’s School’  

​Physical Education
In accordance with our school PE plan, every class in our school receives at least 1 hour of physical education each week. Teachers use the primary school PE curriculum as well as the PSSI lessons plans to plan their lessons. We complete each of the following strands every year;
1. Games,
2. Dance,
3. Athletics,
4. Gymnastics,
5. Outdoor and Adventure
6. Aquatics. 



Physical Activity

Our School provides equipment for the children to use during break and lunch time as part of our Active Schools programme. Spongeballs and fun game ides are given to children as the Playground leaders help as much as possible. 

As part of working towards our Active School Flag, we are taking part in a Running Challenge for 4 weeks. During this time, we build a running break into every day. It is an excellent way for children to learn about some of Ireland’s most famous landmarks and ideal for bringing learning outdoors. Class teachers will be given:

  1. A map of Ireland’s famous landmarks

  2. A class challenge chart where you can tick off each landmark as you run to it

  3. A laminated Progress Chart where you can record your progress daily and weekly.

  • The Challenge was completed at different times by different classes and on various routes throughout the day. 

  • We also choose to focus on the strand of Athletics in PE while taking part in this challenge.



ASF committee

Our Active school committee consists of children from every class in our school. They have worked really hard and have got involved in many active school meetings during this  school year. 

 School/Community Links
Our school has forged many links with the local community. Many of the children are involved in the local GAA, Soccer and Karate Clubs. 

We have worked with Na Fianna, Fun Fitness, Tolka Rovers Basketball Club GAA this year and our school is engaging in lots of new skills.

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