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Active Flag

Welcome to the Active School Flag (ASF) section of our website.  The Active School Flag is awarded to schools who strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. One of its aims is to raise awareness, in the whole school community, of the need for physical activity in a healthy lifestyle. For the past year we have been introducing different activities that help us implement the Active School Flag Programme.

Our Active Flag motto is – “Exercising is Cool – Especially in School!”

In this section of our website we hope to keep you up to date with our bid to attain our first Active Flag. It will be divided into four separate categories – Physical Education, Physical Activity, Partnerships and Active Schools Week.

Physical Education

In accordance with our PE plan, all classes receive 1 hour of physical education each week. Teachers use the primary school PE curriculum as well as the PSSI lessons plans to plan their lessons. We follow a standardised PE Timetable.


In the first and last terms of the year our GAA coaches and basketball coaches work with our pupils from junior infants to 6th Class. Junior classes also engage in games during these terms focusing on basic skills required for playing games.

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