Student Council

St.Columba’s believes that students have an important role to play in creating a positive school environment. Therefore, in January 2020 it was decided that a Student Council would be assembled within St. Columba’s. Elections were held in classes third – sixth and eight students were elected.


The Student Council meets once a fortnight, at lunchtime, in the P.E hall. Council meetings are facilitated by Ms. Gildea and Ms. Kelly. Prior to these meetings, the Student Council representatives collect ideas and suggestions from their classes for the agenda. In addition to bringing matters to the Student Council for discussion, the members are required to report back to their classes after meetings.


All Student Council representatives wear a badge with their uniform to ensure they are readily identifiable within the school.


The Student Council has two notice boards (downstairs beside the Maths room) where students can view some information about the representatives and information about upcoming events or school improvements.

Through our Student Council St.Columba’s aims to give the students a platform for their voices to be heard.