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Student Council

The Student Council resumed in November 2020. In our first meeting since lockdown, we decided we wanted to do a fundraiser and a radio show before Christmas.

For the fundraiser we held an ‘Animal Print Day’ on the 11th December to support Dublin Zoo and Fota Wildlife Park. In preparation for the event posters were designed by students and displayed all around the school. On the day itself students wore in a variety of animal themed clothing and brought in a kind donation of €2. A lot of fun was had and over €800 was collected. Half of the money will be going to Dublin Zoo and the other half will be used to sponsor six endangered animals from Fota Wildlife Park. Recently, the senior students voted on which animals they wished to sponsor, and the results were an Asiatic Lion, a Colombian Black Spider Monkey, a Humboldt Penguin, a Red Panda, a Rothschild Giraffe, and a Sumatran Tiger. Huge thanks to all who took part in the ‘Animal Print Day’ and who donated to these wonderful zoos.

The Christmas Radio show was a resounding success. Each member of the Student Council prepared and recorded specific parts for the show. Emily and Sadhbh kept us well informed with their exceptional news segments, Bianca and Elizabeth made us laugh with lots of timely Christmas jokes, Jane got us excited for Santa by eloquently reciting the famous poem ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’ and Eadaoin regaled us with the story of the first ever Christmas. The radio show was also bursting at the seams with lots of Christmas music provided by some talented students from 4th – 6th class. Many thanks to Zara, Emma, Eva, Sophia and Chelsea for sharing their musical talents and making the radio show extra special - what a cracker of a Christmas!

The Student Council will return in…2021! We cannot wait to show you what the year ahead has in store. In the meantime, we wish everyone a safe, happy and relaxing Christmas.