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Student Council

Student Council News (December 2022)

The Student Council has definitely had a busy year so far!

Since September the following has happened;

1. We organised a 1980's Day for the students of St.Columba's. Everyone dressed up in colourful eighties clothes, listened to eighties music and learned a bit about what life was like in the eighties 

It was a really enjoyable day.

2. Senator Mary Fitzpatrick visited our school and spoke to us and the two sixth classes about her job. Then she invited us to come visit Leinster House. It was a fantastic trip and we all learned a lot about the government and the history of Ireland. 

3. We participated in Maths Week. We made posters to promote the week and we helped younger students at stations during the maths fair. 

At the moment we are busy working on our Christmas Radio Show which will be ready for classes to listen to from Monday 19th December.

In January we are planning to speak at our school assemblies and to help out with the school garden. We will continue to work hard and we hope to organise more fun events for everyone in 2023. 

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