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School Uniform

School Uniform

Parents should ensure that the full school uniform is worn at all times. On days when Physical Education classes are taking place, the school track suit should be worn. The school tracksuit may also be worn if a child is attending an after school sports club on school premises.

The school uniform and school tracksuit are available from:
Lynch's, Philipsburgh Avenue (off Griffith Avenue) .

A number of second-hand school uniform items are available from the school. Please contact Aisling in the school office for information.

Children should wear one of the options below:

Wine gymfrock, cream shirt, wine and cream striped tie, wine cardigan with the school crest, black shoes, black, grey, white or wine tights/socks.
Grey trousers, cream shirt, wine and cream striped tie, wine cardigan or jumper with the school crest, black shoes.
Boots may only be worn in heavy rain or snow conditions, and children must change out of them and into school shoes upon entering their class.

On PE days, all pupils should wear the school tracksuit with plain white or black runners and a white polo shirt.

In the interest of safety, bracelets, chains, any type of looped earrings, nose, lip or eyebrow rings should not be worn in school. Stud earrings are the only type of earrings permitted. Nail polish and the wearing of transfers is not allowed. Hair should be tied back or plaited.

All clothing including coats, caps, scarves, tracksuits, cardigans, jumpers, etc. should be clearly labelled. Unclaimed items are placed in the lost property box (at the bottom of the back stairs) and recycled regularly.

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