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Parents' Association



Dear Parent/Guardian


The St. Columba’s Parents' Association (PA) has three officer positions:

  • Chairperson

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer


The three positions are open to all parents and guardians with elections held each year. A brief summary of the positions are outlined below.


  • Chairs all meetings held during the year

  • Works with the Secretary to prepare meeting agendas

  • Meets regularly with School Principal to discuss any issues

  • Coordinates events during the year

  • Correspondence with the school on behalf of the PA is usually via the Chairperson or alternatively the Secretary.



  • Keeps minutes of each meeting held

  • Keeps all PA contact details in line with GDPR

  • Sends reminders of meetings & upcoming events

  • Correspondence with Insurers, National Parents Council and other entities as required

  • Liaise with the school as an alternative to the Chairperson



  • Provides details of the cash position at each PA meeting

  • Maintains receipts for money collected and paid out

  • Liaises with the PA bank as required and maintains details of account/cheque signatories

  • Income and Expenditure accounts to be completed for each meeting and annual figures presented at the AGM

All positions are open for election. New Officers are usually appointed in November each year. If you wish to be considered for one of the officer positions please email:

  • your name, 

  • contact details, and

  • the position you wish to apply for,

to before the 1st of October each year.


If there are a number of applications for a position an election will be required, details of which will be advised later if necessary.  


Kind regards,

St Columba’s School Parents’ Association

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